What Can We Do For You? 

Our value proposition is simple:
You give us your revenue cycle and a percentage of your collections and we will improve your reimbursements for the services you perform.
Many practices enjoy significant payroll savings from the staff we offset, and increased billings from patient-care-focus-fueled growth.


Why Is Atlas Important?  Physicians are leaving private practice for many reasons, including the mind-numbing complexity of the medical revenue cycle, the resulting reimbursement challenges, and endemic uncertainty. We believe we can help doctors succeed in the face of these challenges.


We believe practices succeed when focused on providing excellent patient care. Based on this belief, our core service removes billing functions from the medical office. How does a practice best achieve full reimbursement while remaining focused on patient care? With the help of a trusted and exceptionally competent reimbursement partner.

We’d love to be that partner for you.